Chipping Campden Events

Oct 22, 2021

Chipping Campden is a town full of life and this is in part down to the number of events and traditional festivals that happen. Unique Chipping Campden events such as Dover’s Games, the Scuttlebrook Wake, the Literary Festival and Music Festival make Chipping Campden a wonderful stay and experience.  Below we have handpicked the best events to make your stay memorable and special.

Chipping Campden Music Society (CMS)

The Campden Music Society had a full winter season of exciting concerts for 2021/22 winter and is now planning for the winter 2022/23 season subject to any restrictions that might be in place at the time relating to COVID-19.

St James’ Church provides the venue for the series of six winter concerts from October to March each year providing superb acoustics for all events.

By offering the concerts on a subscription basis, the Campden Music Society are able to enjoy a very high standard of music at an incredibly reasonable cost. You can join by using this link. You can join here

You can enjoy all six concerts for just £65.

Chipping Campden Rural Cinema

The Chipping Campden Rural Cinema is held on the last Friday of the month in the Upper Town Hall. The Rural Cinema shows recent releases from the big screen in a cheerful atmosphere with wine and refreshments. The Rural Cinema experience is a great chance to catch up with your neighbours, friends and any of the movies you may have missed.

Tickets £5 are available from the Tourist Information Centre or at the door.
Doors open at 19.10, and the film starts at 19.30.

Chipping Campden Events 2022 at Christmas

Chipping Campden Christmas is full of lovely Cotswold events to get you into the festive spirit.

Christmas Market

Saturday 3rd December 2022

The Chipping Campden Christmas Market will be held on December 4th this year. On Saturday in Upper High Street and the Town Square, there will be market stalls selling a variety of Christmas gifts as well as hot food and drinks. In the Town Hall on Upper High Street, there are two floors of stalls offering more Christmas gifts as well as more hot food and drinks for those taking a break from shopping. On Sunday, the fun continues with even more shopping for those who didn’t get what they wanted yet! See for more information.

Christmas Lights

Saturday 3rd December 2022

The Chipping Campden Christmas Lights will be turned on during the afternoon of Saturday, December 3rd this year. They present a spectacular and uplifting nighttime display that highlights many of Chipping Campden’s historic buildings from Lower High Street right the way through Leaseborne to Aston Road. So many positive comments were created last year that they year were left on until the 31s of January to help launch Chipping Campden out of Covid.

Ecumenical Carole Service

Monday 18th December 2022

Join in this Christmas in the Chipping Campden High Street / Square and get in the festive spirit.

North Cotswold Hunt Point to Point – Paxford

Monday 10th April 2023

A highlight of the North Cotswold Hunt calendar every year, the North Cotswold Hunt Point to Point takes place in the village of Paxford, just outside Chipping Campden on Easter Bank Holiday Monday.
The course opened in 1997 thanks to the generosity of hunt stalwart Geoff Adams, and provides an excellent day of entertainment for the whole family, with good views of the racecourse, betting facilities, picnic spaces, hound displays, trade stands, bars, food stalls, hospitality and children’s amusements.

The days are getting longer, in between the showers there’s a bit of sun at last and we have something that will put a spring in your step!  You can look forward to watching racing in the sun at the Paxford Point to Point on Easter Monday and this year they have a fantastic Online Advance Ticket Booking Offer using:

This year the entry price on the day will be £20 per person but for online booking, you get a BIG discount at £12.50 until 1/4/22 (after that it’s £15)

It’s dead easy to print your tickets off at home and whizz through the entry gates.

Runners start with their backs towards the stream and jump over one fence before taking a right-handed turn into the home straight where they jump over another fence. They then take another right-handed turn running slightly downhill until the course flattens out where runners meet fences four, five and six straight ahead of them. After slowing down temporarily, they reach two more fences before quickly accelerating to reach three more at dogleg left approaching the finishing line. There is a short run to the last fence from the final bend so it is crucial to get the inside line between the penultimate and last fences.

Robert Dover’s Games

Friday 2nd June 2023

Scheduled for Friday 2nd June 2023, the Robert Dover’s Games also marks the end of festival season in Chipping Campden, being hot on the heels of the International Music Festival and the Literary Festival. Should you be here on holiday, why not make a weekend of it and stay for Scuttlebrook Wake on Saturday too.

Some events come and go as the novelty wears off, yet Robert Dover’s annual games have continued to attract crowds to Dover’s Hill in late May or early June since the train arrived in Campden. An event may garner sentimental attachments but, in this case, it is the country setting that adds romance to the celebration. Perhaps many people are swayed by the sound of a band echoing across a hillside or walking down Dyers Lane with torches held aloft around The Square when they arrive for this event. Collectors enjoy adding these beautiful art medals depicting each year’s theme to their collection.

Much thought goes into this celebration of little Dover being tucked away between rolling hills on one side of the line and gentle pastures with stone buildings on this site. Combine all three elements in the procession from the hillside as darkness falls and one can feel part of the agelessness of ways in which people have always enjoyed themselves.

Held every summer on a Friday evening following the late Spring Bank holiday (usually late May or early June), on Dover’s Hill, near Chipping Campden. Peculiar to the games is the sport of shin-kicking (hay stuffed down the trousers can ease one’s brave passage into the later rounds).

The Games and Chipping Campden have been hosts to a championship of rural games since the early seventeenth century. The descendants of Robert Dover’s Cotswold Olimpick Games continue today despite disease and the events being hampered by Foot & Mouth Disease and the Covid19 virus.

These historic games were first held more than 12 centuries after the last ancient Greek Olympics and almost 3 centuries before the modern Olympic Games, which began in 1896. 2022 will celebrate our 410th anniversary and the games are still held in the arena that bears the founder’s name – Dover’s Hill.

To mark the end of the games, there is usually a huge bonfire and associated firework display that is followed by a torch-lit procession back into the town and dancing to a local band in The Square.

We have a lot to thank F.L. Griggs for, the etcher and engraver, who came to Campden in the early years of the 20th century with the Guild of Handicraft, fell in love with the town and stayed. Very little is known about F.L. Griggs, the etcher and engraver, who settled in Campden during the early 20th century after having worked for the Guild of Handicraft. It was during his stint here that he met the then-Lady Astor while she was on an outing to Campden Park with several friends to play golf at what used to be the local course. Having fallen in love immediately with both Lady Astor and Campden itself, it’s said that Griggs decided right there and then that this was something he couldn’t pass up!

The one thing he knew he wanted for himself was Dover’s Hill where friends are said to have convinced him it would make a perfect place to live in tranquillity away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday city life He wasn’t much of a rich man but made sure Dover’s Hill was well-protected for years to come. That bee tattoo he had put on his arm symbolises today what it meant back then – Friends helping friends!

Robert Dover’s Cotswold Olimpick Games is an annual holding of unique sporting activities. It combines rural events both for contestants and visitors, combining informal competitions with entertainment for the family.

In true amateur spirit, all events are free to enter:

King of The Hill

one of the traditional events at the Games, this antecedent of modern events like the pentathlon involves individual competitors competing at 4 separate events (in the lower arena). These events are Static Jump (jumping as far as possible from a standstill), Spurning the Barre (an old English version of the Scottish tossing the caber), Hammer Throw and Putting the Shot. The combined total for all four events decides the winner. Entries for this event are taken on the night and entry is open to all adults over 16.

Championship of the Hill

A true crowd pleaser! The traditional team challenges of ancient rural Games, updated for the 21st century! Teams of 6 participants (many from local pubs or other groups) compete against each other in a series of ever-more-frantic and ever-wetter games! These games vary from year to year, but generally include relays involving wheelbarrows, dustbins, hay bales, slippery running surfaces and lots of water! Very limited team entries are available for this event, but you must notify the organisers beforehand who reserve the right to refuse entry if this event reaches its maximum of 6 teams.

Running Races

The course will be entirely cross country and entirely on Dover’s Hill. There will be a 1 lap (c. 1 mile) and a 3 lap (c. 3 miles) race.  Tug O’ War – is one of the traditional rural sports, (and former Olympic sport), and is still taken very seriously. Teams of 8 people pit their strength against opposing teams, in a series of ‘pulls’ culminating in a final in front of Dover’s Castle on the Lower Arena. A limited number of team entries may be available. Please contact the organisers before the Games if your intention is to enter the Games.

The Games are only able to go ahead with the kind permission of The National Trust & John Robbins Esq.

Find out more on their website at

Scuttlebrook Wake

Saturday 3rd June 2023

The Scuttlebrook Wake follows on the day after the Robert Dover’s Olimpick Games. There is a procession of the Scuttlebrook May Queen from Littleworth to the square, pulled on her cart by the Campden Morris Men, accompanied by her four attendants and a page boy.

Decorated floats and fancy dressed participants all parade after her and all shops and houses along the route are encouraged to enter a window competition. The queen is crowned in the square and then she presents prizes to the followers with the best fancy dress.

After this, the square is filled with entertainment from Maypole Dancing, Country Dancing and Morris Dancing. For the rest of the day, it is the fun of the fair with Leasebourne full of traditional fair rides and stalls.


The Scuttlebrook Festival is a yearly dance festival held by the town’s own Morris Men. An onlooker can tell that this festival has been going on for centuries as the locals put their best foot forward and stomp around in fancy dress costumes until their feet fall off. While these dances still look simple and easy at first glance, many of the steps took years and years to perfect and it’s interesting to see how they’ve evolved over time as different members of the community tried adding something of their own, or stepping out of line slightly. This is followed by an official competition between two schools who perform a dance routine especially choreographed for the event (it’s always fun to watch!) They practice it the whole year long after school with dedication and fortitude, but we all know how easily children slip up – luckily there are more than enough members of staff on hand during this spectacle to pick them up when they’re down and cheer them on when they’re doing well!

Wakes have been held in Campden since the middle of the 20th century. The young people from Campden High Street traditionally meet at the Cattle Brook in Leasebourne End, though back in the day they used to gather out in fields around town. They would bring along a wooden platform with barrels on top and make music with a drummer, flute player and sometimes a trumpeter!

Today’s Wakes are bigger and better than ever before, with lots going on. Traditional games such as donkey racing and shove-‘la-ha’ are still played out in the streets today in much the same way they were hundreds of years ago but there’s plenty more fun to be had too! Now you can go along to see giant crafts being built from Papier Mache or take part in workshops where you can learn how to use sharp knives, work with wood or throw pots, for example. There are family fun day events including archery and plenty more surprises throughout the year so check back often!

Dancing and Music

Today at Scuttlebrook we celebrate the traditional dances of England with Maypole, Country and Morris dancing taking part in the Square to entertain the crowd. The Chipping Campden Morris Dancers, who perform in the square, also take a key role during the parade pulling the float carrying the May Queen and her attendants. Campden Morris Dancers have a long history stretching back over 300 years and they dance a unique style of Morris dancing that can be found nowhere else. Have a look at their website or Facebook page for more details

Music is also central to the day’s proceedings with the parade usually being led by a silver band. This year we are also pleased to announce that there will be further afternoon musical entertainment outside the Lygon Arms in the high street.

Children’s Races

The Scuttlebrook children’s races are a real highlight of the weekend. Families and friends gather in the high street outside the Lygon Arms to cheer on the participants. Children of all ages can take part in a variety of races including the “Marathon” and wheelbarrow races as well as more straightforward sprints. This year the event will take place on the day at Scuttlebrook at the usual time of 6pm to add to the day’s events and encourage the Scuttlebrook party atmosphere to carry on into the evening.

Fancy Dress Parade

The fancy dress parade at Scuttlebrook is at 14.30 at Littleworth is a really important part of the day. People can enter on foot or on a vehicle and there are prizes which are awarded in the town square during the festivities. Scuttlebrook Wake without the fancy dress would not be the same and so members of the community and visitors alike are encouraged to get involved and take part! There is no fee, no form and no theme. See some of the pictures on the website for ideas.

Prizes to Be Won

The Most Original Fancy Dress in Class A will receive the Nann McGrale Prize. The Joan Taylor Cup goes to the Most Original in Class B. The Best Decorated Vehicle in Class E receives the Jubilee Silver Rose Bowl, donated by Chipping Campden Women’s Institute. The Cup will be awarded to the best window entrant.

A Traditional Fairground

A fairground has been part of the Wake celebrations since the late 1880s with some of the same families from this time still bringing rides to Campden in the 21st century. The fair is an integral part of the day’s celebration and includes a variety of different rides and stalls. The fairground is set up at the Leasebourne end of the high street and is open throughout the day and into the evening of Scuttlebrook.
The Fair at Scuttlebrook is one of the last one day fairs taking place in the country and our aspiration is to make it the best it can possibly be.

Window Competition

The Window competition is a display competition that takes place during the day at Scuttlebrook. Shops, businesses and private homes on the parade route along the high street are all able to take part. Each year there is a different theme and there are prizes for different categories. We want to encourage everyone on the route from Littleworth to Leasebourne to take part and even decorate their homes or businesses to make the day even more of a spectacle.
Chairman – Patrick Sexton

Platinum Jubilee

Sunday 5th June 2022


10.30 Ecumenical Service – The Square
12.30 Street Party – The High Street – bring your own food
14.30 Loyal Toast – The Square
15.30 Live musical entertainment for the afternoon

Open Gardens Weekend

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th June 2023

This is a fabulous event walking the historic and beautiful streets of Chipping Campden with many private gardens open. Today you will be touring approximately 20 gardens, but there may be less, depending on how many residents take part in this year’s festival. The Landmark Trust Banqueting Houses on Church Street will also be open today, so make sure to investigate while you’re not busy admiring the fine architecture! If history is your interest, then take some time to look at the information boards explaining the origins of Chipping Campden’s unique houses, which date back to Medieval Times. When your tour is complete, stop by for some traditional English refreshments to get the energy flowing again.

All proceeds to Campden and Area Home Nursing
Tickets – £7/single day, £10 for both days available from the Tourist Information Centre

Some individual gardens like Campden House and Shepherds Close are open at other times in aid of charity.

Chipping Campden Literature Festival

Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th May 2023

The 2023 program is currently in preparation and in line with other book festivals will not be announced until 22nd February 2023.

Printed programmes with booking forms will be sent out in early spring 2023 when the website will also be fully updated along with an online booking system.  There will be online booking discounts and no online booking charge.

Please note that last year the 4 weekday events in THe Monttrose Suit were all sold out and for 2023, priority will be given to Friends of the Festival.h

To see the names of the many writers featured in previous festivals please go to the “About Us” page :

Beautifully produced books for our authors to sign are available from the Borzoi Bookshop. (

Toke’s Food and Drink ( provides the evening bar in Chipping Campden School and on Festival Saturday runs a pop-up café selling hot drinks and comestibles. Please do not enter the school hall to go to the café or bookshop while events are in progress.

Chipping Campden Music Festival

Friday 5th to Saturday 20th May 2023

Due to Festival President Paul Lewis’ very busy diary in that period, extra concert has been added on the 5th so as to ensure he could still be with us. He will play Schubert’s Piano Sonata  in C major  D840, Piano Sonata  in A major  D664, Piano Sonata  in A minor  D845

Some programme details are still to be confirmed and we will update you as we get them. Musicians appearing for the first time with us include Sir Andras Schiff, Christine Rice, Piotr Anderszewski, The Wigmore Soloists,The Skampa Quartet, Timothy Ridout.

Bookings Schedule:

Jan 2nd 2023 – invitations will be sent out to all 2022 Patrons & Friends giving them a priority period to sign up for 2023 and thereby secure their places in the priority booking queue

Jan 10th 2023 – invitations will sent out to the remainder of the database giving everyone else the chance to join the Patrons & Friends schemes for 2023 and thereby secure their places in the priority booking queue. If application levels are very high we may have to restrict the number of new members we can accept within each category.

Feb 27th 2023 – Patrons bookings open

Mar 6th 2023 – Gold Friends bookings open

Mar 13th 2023 – Silver Friends bookings open

Mar 17th 2023 – General season ticket bookings open

Mar 20th 2023 – All other general bookings open

Mar 27th 2023 – Online booking goes live

The full programme will be announced in November but as a ‘taster’ – its includes The Tallis Scholars, Piotr Anderszewski piano, The Wigmore Soloists, Kate Royal soprano with Christine Rice mezzo soprano and Julius Drake piano, The Academy of Ancient Music, String quartet Masterclass with Alfred Brendel, Alina Ibragimova violin and                              Cédric Tiberghien piano, Emanuel Ax  piano, The Skampa Quartet & Adrian Brendel  cello, the ‘Chipping Campden Festival Academy’ Orchestra with Thomas Hull Conductor and       Emanuel Ax  piano, Andras Schiff piano,the ‘Chipping Campden Festival Academy’ Orchestra with Thomas Hull Conductor and Roderick Williams baritone, The Takacs Quartet,’Chipping Campden Festival Academy’ Orchestra with Thomas Hull Conductor and Ruth Rogers violin Timothy Ridout viola

Paul Lewis will do an extra concert on Saturday 28th January at St. James’ church – Schubert’s Piano Sonata no. 7 in E flat major, D568, Piano Sonata no. 14 in A minor, D784, Piano Sonata no. 17 in D major, D850 – tickets available in November.

The complete Beethoven piano sonatas – after having to postpone the ‘marathon event’ in 2020 when all 32 sonatas were going to be performed in one day by 32 students from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Charlie had been wondering whether he could in some way retrospectively celebrate the Beethoven 250 anniversary by presenting what is arguably the greatest set of piano sonatas ever written.  His good friend and outstanding pianist, Ronan O’Hora, is head of keyboard and head of advanced studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. During lockdown he re-looked at all the sonatas in depth and has offered to perform them all for us. It involves 8 recitals in total. To maintain the idea of a complete ‘event’ rather than a random series of recitals, we have scheduled them on four consecutive Saturdays with two recitals each day, one at lunchtime and one in the evening. All seating for these concerts will be unreserved and one price. We will offer a discount to anyone who books for all 8 recitals. NB Tickets for these concerts will go on sale in November 2022. 18th and25th February, 4th  and 11th March at 3pm & 7.30pm


Charlie Bennett –Artistic Director

Remarks from a few of the Performing Artists over the years:

Bernard Haitink – The Chipping Campden Music Festival brings world-class artists as well as young musicians starting their professional journeys to a wonderful venue. To me with a long life as a performer, having the chance to be part of the audience and to hear concerts of outstanding quality in such a setting is the purest joy.

Alfred Brendel – I only discovered the joys of Chipping Campden late in my performing career but still relished the opportunity to play in the glorious acoustics of St James’ Church. Since retiring from the concert platform I have returned a number of times to lecture at the music festival and can’t think of many places that rival this most picturesque Cotswold town in late spring.

Imogen Cooper – her view and that of all musicians she knows, is that The Festival is one of the loveliest in the British summer musical calendar. The audience is knowledgeable, attentive and extremely warm and there is always a sense of occasion. A beautiful piano completes a nigh perfect venue, the whole fuelled by the passionate enthusiasm of Charlie Bennett, whose devotion to quality at all costs is only too rare, and to be treasured.

Julian Lloyd Webber – The Chipping Campden Music Festival is a jewel in the crown of British music-making. Without compromising on either the choice of musicians or their programmes, Charlie Bennett has created one of the ‘hottest tickets’ in classical music

Julius Drake – There are two main reasons we performers love playing at the Chipping Campden International Music Festival. The first is that so much care and thought has gone into the choice of artist and programme by Charlie Bennett – we all know that he really loves the music as much as we do. The other reason is the wonderfully warm welcome the audience always gives you as you step onto the stage in St James’ Church. It really is a great pleasure to return each time.

Tasmin Little – I have always relished playing at the Chipping Campden Music Festival! The church is stunningly beautiful, with wonderful acoustics, and the audiences are always warm, attentive and knowledgeable. Charlie Bennett has created something to be treasured; a festival full of performers of the highest quality, playing superbly varied and engaging programmes, in a glorious venue situated in one of the prettiest villages imaginable.

Steven Isserlis – I love everything about the Chipping Campden Festival! I love the village itself – surely one of the most beautiful in England; I love the church, with its serene atmosphere and beautiful acoustics; I love the way the audience listens with noiseless concentration, to every note one plays; and I love the way we musicians are treated by the administration of the festival, which seems to anticipate our every need, whim or desire. Playing at the festival is one of the highlights of my musical life. Thank you so much to Charlie Bennett and his merry team for all their amazing hard work!

The Jerusalem Quartet – The surroundings and atmosphere in Chipping Campden is pure magic. Combining the unique concert venue with a wonderful audience, which was surely been developed and nurtured with great care, makes for a unique concert experience both for the performers and the audience. It is definitely one of the dates we are most looking forward to on our season calendar.
Richard Goode – The spacious beauty and splendid acoustic of St. James Church in Chipping Campden create an ideal atmosphere for making music. Playing there for warm and receptive audiences has been among the highlights of my musical life.

Steven Osborne – The Chipping Campden Festival is one of the best stops on the UK concert scene. Fabulous setting, a wonderful array of world-class musicians, and real artistic integrity and vision on the part of Charlie Bennett: it’s a joy to perform and attend concerts there.

Robert Levin – The Chipping Campden Music Festival provides an exquisite venue of intimacy amid an incomparable historical setting. It is heart-warming to communicate with such a receptive audience and I congratulate Charlie heartily for his deft programming and personal warmth. Every artist fortunate enough to be invited to perform at the Festival will take indelible memories from church, town, inhabitants, and visiting audience members.

Moreton Agricultural Show, “Moreton Show”

Saturday 3rd September 2022

One of the biggest agricultural shows in the UK, Moreton Show is a place where the industry of farming is celebrated and celebrated hard! It’s a 165-acre showground in the beautiful North Cotswolds bursting with live-action and things to engage and interact with (and sometimes buy and take home as souvenirs). Let your learning curve soar as you discover how your food is raised, all that stuff that goes into raising livestock and poultry for slaughter, what it is that farmers actually farm these days, and why we even need farmers at all.

When it comes to livestock, you know we’ve got farmers and farmers’ markets all figured out, and Moreton Show is just one of the many annual events that we help promote. The National Poll Hereford Cattle Show has been part of our schedule for many years, as well as the best stockmen and women from across the UK converging here at Moreton Hall.

The action-packed Horse Section has lots of showing and show jumping classes, many of which are Horse of the Year Show qualifiers. In addition to our premier display class, the Grand Arena is home to top-of-the-bill performances reflecting a range of equine disciplines. You can also find entertainment in the Family Fun sections as well as Home & Garden, where you will see showcase displays from exhibitors who specialize in flowers, vegetables, handicrafts, wines and home baking. These sections make for a great day out no matter how young or old you are! And then there’s the shopping – with trade stands, selling everything from Wellington Boots to Combine Harvesters.

It’s all at Moreton Show – The Countryside in a Day.

Weekly Chipping Campden Events Enjoyed by Both Residents and Visitors to the Cotswold Town

Events happen all through the week and include the following:

Monday’s 17.00 – Chipping Campden Bowling Club – Club Night

Monday’s 18.39 – 20.00 – Men’s Keep Fit – Chipping Campden Leisure Centre

Tuesday’s 10.00 – 12.00 Chipping Campden Art Society Painting Sessions – the first three Tuesdays of each month? David Birch – Water colour classes

Tuesday’s 10.30 – 12.30 – Men in Sheds – Jecca’s House, Aston Road

Tuesday’s 14.00 – Chipping Campden Town Walk – meet at Market Hall

Tuesday’s 20.00 – Badmington Club, Meon Vale Leisure Centre

Wednesday’s 18.30 – 22.00 – Chipping Campden Bridge Club is a friendly duplicate club. They are pleased to welcome new players and visitors. The club runs a host system to assist current members to find partners and to help introduce new players to the club.

The Host system is temporarily suspended so please come with a partner and arrive no later than 6.40 pm. If you do not have a partner please contact the secretary who will try to help – or Tel 01242 621337

Thursday’s – North Cotswold Vintage Motorcycle Club – mid-week Wrinkle Runs and Lunches

Thursday’s 10.00 – Chipping Campden Town Walk from Market Hall

Thursday’s 10.30 – 12.30 – Men in Sheds – Jecca’s House, Aston Road

Thursday’s 19.00 – 20.30 – Meon Singers Mickleton – King George’s Hall, Mickleton

Friday’s (except January) 09.00 to 11.0 – Chipping Campden Country Market – in the Lower Town Hall. Homemade jams, cakes, pies, crafts, cards and homegrown vegetables

Sundays – 10.00 – North Cotswold Vintage Motorcycle Club – 40 to 60 mile Social runs through the countryside from The Square most Sundays – see website for details –

Cotswold Wardens Guided Walks and tours happen also throughout the week.

Monthly Events in Chipping Campden

Throughout the year there are also a number of regular monthly events in Chipping Campden that can be enjoyed by anyone visiting this beautiful Cotswold town and that prove popular time and time again with residents and visitors.  These events are a great way to experience all that Chipping Campden has to offer, and they’re perfect for anyone who wants to get a little more out of their visit to this charming town.

Walking the Cotswold Way with Cotswold Voluntary Wardens

Included in the many guided walks provided by the Cotswold Voluntary Wardens are two
along the 102 mile Cotswold Way. Both of these annual walks are in monthly stages
commencing in May and running through to February. These walks include transport to and
from the start point. The northbound walk from Bath to Chipping Campden is held on the
first Wednesday of each month and the southbound walk from Chipping Campden to Bath is on
the first Saturday of each month. For further details please see:

Chipping Campden Market

This event is over the second weekend every month in the Town Hall and sells a variety of crafts and food items. Campden Market is a market of crafts, gifts, cakes, clothes and other goods in the Town Hall, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire. Many of the goods on sale are handmade by our stallholders.

Markets are held on the second Saturday and Sunday of each month from March to December between 10:00 am and 5:00pm.

The ethos of the market is to:

a) Encourage a marketplace for all goods, crafts and skills from persons within the local area (local in this context being a 30mile radius, unless the goods, crafts, and skills, are unavailable in that area then it shall be extended outwards as necessary

b) To help increase the retail offer and footfall of the Town of Chipping Campden
The market is run by a committee of stall holders, its aim is to keep a mix of stalls throughout the year and where ever possible run good news stories about the market in the local media. We shall from time to time change around the stalls to constantly refresh the view for potential customers and trust that stallholders will help in this.
The market takes out public liability insurance to cover the public aspect of that which we do as organisers of the market.

Our next market is on 13 – 14 August 2022
Saturday, 13 – Sunday, 14 November 2021
Saturday, 4 December 2021 Christmas Market
Sunday, 5 December 2021
Saturday, 11 – Sunday, 12 December 2021


Hopefully, this collection of Chipping Campden events shows you how much there is to see and do in Chipping Campden. Cotswold Charm is available all year round to make your stay memorable and let you experience a truly memorable Chipping Campden holiday. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re thinking of visiting Chipping Campden for either long or short stays.

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